BLASTOFF season 06, round-3

By BLASTOFF (other events)

Mon, Sep 27 2021 12:00 AM Sun, Oct 3 2021 10:00 PM

Please note, the screening system will only allow one ticket per name/email address.  Each viewer will have to log in with their own info.  Thank you for joining us !  Scroll down to see some posters and get more information.   Click on the "Tickets" button (in the bar on the left) to get your ticket.

Tickets purchased by 9pm (PST) will be active the following day and for the rest of the run.

1 . Go to  and login with the same email / password you used  to make your ticket reservation.
2.  Click on “Events” in the top menu.  The BLASTOFF banner will appear (you may have to scroll down a little).
3.  Click on the bottom-right of the banner “Go to Fest Village”
4.  You’ll be in the BLASTOFF Fest Village.  Click on the “Multiplex Center” to watch the films.   Watch, enjoy, then rate them.

All films are in contention for the "Best of the Best" selections, to be screened in October.  Please rate a film after viewing: it can help a project enormously by improving its overall score.

Any donations to help pay for the costs of maintaining the screening platform are optional but, of course, welcome.